Alpine Climbing Photos

Just a few more photos taken whilst guiding around the Alps this this summer season – we’re lucky to spend time climbing with so many great people in these beautiful mountains!

castor-21 (800x450)
Traversing Castor
castor-9 (800x450)
South ridge of Castor
aiguille-croux-6 (800x601)
Chesey Route on the S Ridge of Aiguille du Croux
chamonix-sept-2018-21 (800x600)
Broken Spectre on the Aiguille du Tour
clochetons-10 (800x601)
Teams on the Clochetons traverse, with Mont Blanc behind
dolomites-2018-5-15 (800x601)
Brigada Tridenta Via Ferrata, Italian Dolomites
essentials8july-2018-10 (800x601)
Traversing the Aiguille D’Entreves
jungfrau-20 (601x800)
Climbing the Jungfrau
jungfrau-21 (800x601)
Eiger and Monch from the Jungfrau
jungfrau-33 (800x601)
On the summit of the Jungfrau
marbrees-9-18-2 (800x450)
Final day of the season