Gran Paradiso Ski Tour

Another good week and great to catch up with everyone on our Gran Paradiso Ski Tour across in Italy.  After significant snowfall over the weekend, we changed the program slightly to avoid the steep descent to the Chivasso Hut due to the raised avalanche risk.  This mean the first half of the week we were based at the excellent Refuge du Fond in the Notre Dame valley, enjoying ascents of Punta Galisia and Punta Calabre, before heading round to Pont to skin up to the Vittorio Emanuele Hut below the Gran Paradiso.

Thursday dawned grey and snowing, so we waited and hour or so, before heading off to see how far we could get up the Gran Paradiso.  This worked out well, as although the weather played with us the whole time, we managed to get far higher than I expected – reaching 3700m before an icy ridge and strengthening winds made the turn around point easy to decide.  All was not lost though, as we then enjoyed an excellent powder descent back down to the hut and another superb final day with a massive powder run down from the Gran Colle Etret back to the bar at Pont.

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