Aig de Toule NW Couloir

Soph and Amanda got their first taste of steeper face climbing today, on the NW couloir of the Aig de Toule – two teams over on the N Face of the Tour Ronde too.

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There’s been a lot of snow followed by strong winds high up recently, so care required on the avalanche front.  It’s due to close in for the next day or two and get cooler, so maybe time to get into position for Friday.

2 thoughts on “Aig de Toule NW Couloir

  1. Hi Amanda, Hi Sophie!

    What an incredible set of photos — you are two mums with altitude indeed! Am living vicariously through you from here in Newcastle hunched over my computer to see the piccies, one more amazing than the next 🙂
    Sending loads of love, can’t wait to hear about it in person at the Scottish,

    Kate xxx

  2. Hi you two
    Looks fantastic. Hope there are lots more photos to follow. I think you look almost as stylish as when you did the Saunders together. Oh yes and Sophie just bear in mind the Todmorden Top Dog categories – I think we’ve found a front runner here!!
    Have fun and can’t wait to see more.


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