Arc’teryx Ceirzo 35 Summit Pack Review

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Rich and I have both been using these all summer in the Alps now, so time for a review.

The Ceirzo 35 is a lightweight, stripped down summit pack that weighs just 580g – ie it’s designed for travelling light whilst climbing a route, rather than maximum load carrying comfort when getting to the bottom of it.  Having said that – if you fill the sac with gear and pack it well, then it does carry surprisingly well.  I wouldn’t be my first choice for a 5hr hut approach to a non technical route, but for a 2hr approach to a technical climb it’s perfect.

For 35l it’s pretty generous and boast a single large lid pocket, load compression system, webbing waist strap, haul loop, ice axe holders and a simple foam back pad. The fabric used is light, but remarkably strong – both packs have stood up to 10 weeks alpine climbing so far with little more than a few scuffs which is far better than we expected, so thumbs up for durability.

Things we like: 

  • Light Weight – 580g off the shelf – mine is 550g with a bit of ‘trimming’.
  • Simple Design – one compartment, one big lid pocket – a nice clean sac.
  • Sufficient Volume – to carry a larger rack or lightweight bivi gear if required.
  • Packs up Small – you can fold the pack up into it’s own lid pocket.

Any improvements?

About the only thing I’d change would be the compression system, which seems a bit fiddly for a simple pack like this.  I took the rubber compression spider off mine (which it’s desgined so you can do so) and like it better that way.  Having just seen the 2011 model though, Arcteryx have done the same by modifing the design slightly.

For technical routes in the European Alps, this kind of pack is pretty much perfect.  For non technical routes or climbs with longer approaches, you might want to opt for a pack with a more structured carrying system – though it does depend on the user – Rich is quite happy using his Ceirzo for pretty much everything, whereas I swap between sacs depending on what Im climbing.