Back running again..

Random French running prizes - pair of socks anyone?!

Finally got off the bike a couple of weeks ago and put the trainers back on to start preparing for the OMM, so i’ve been doing a bit of racing to kick the legs back into gear.

First off was the Husky Trail Guillestrois down in the Queyras, with 43km and a lot of climb – so a suitably painful outing. I wasn’t feeling too good but nailed a few folk on the final 1500m descent and managed 3rd Vet, so pretty good.

After a week of stiff legs it was off over to Macon last weekend for the Trail Haute Clunysois – at 58km quite a long affair.  Setting off feeling good, I ended up it the lead for a while before being caught, then managed to get off route avoiding a pair of horses and lost 10 minutes.  Now down in 3rd, catching up the 2nd and then the leader again by the final feed station took it’s toll somewhat, so I ended up 2nd – but well pleased with that.  The OMM is down on Dartmoor this year and I’m running with Jonny Morgan again, who’s on great form this year, so all to play for.