Alpine Climbing Conditions – 28-07-2010

The Weisshorn - living up to it's name again

Another roundup of current conditions in the Alps:  following all the hot weather since the last report, it’s now gone cold and snowy(!) with significant amounts of snowfall around Cham and in the Oberland in particular, but less further East in Valais (eg Saas, Zermatt). 

This has brought some snow and ice routes and alpine north faces back into condition (NE Face of Lenzspitze was climbed today, or if you’d like to climb Liskamm it’s in good condition) – but conversley if you want to climb the Weisshorn it’s out of condition.  The Gouter route on Mt Blanc was closed last week after a spate of rockfall accidents in the Grand Couloir due to the hot dry weather, so the Cosmiques Hut is currently heavily overbooked – with the cold weather however, things have stabilised somewhat and teams are now climbing the Gouter Route from the Tete Rouse again.
The forecast for the rest of the week is still unsettled, with considerable amounts of fresh snow due tommorrow all across the Western Alps, but with most in the Oberland and less in Valais as before – so we’ll see how things pan out in the following few days.