TSF Millet 2010

Final climb on day two of the TSF Millet 2010

Another relaxing weekend – not…  After heavy snowfall on Friday, we were racing on alternative courses at this weekends TSF Millet.  Saturday began with a bit of a disaster, as we found ourselves boxed in at the start and ended up right near the back – the rest of the race being spent overtaking people and battling the weather, which was pretty snowy.  Carron was much stronger than me, so quite a bit of towing going on too! 

Sunday the weather was better and we ended up in about the right place at the start, so things went more smoothly.  We finished 30th overall, so no great result, but a great weekend.
Quite a few technical problems with kit on both days – ie crampons that wouldn’t go on and skis that kept coming off! –  so that should keep us busy till next weekends Tour du Grand Veymont down in the Vercors.