Another win in the Open5

Al's 'series leader' race number

We maintained our series lead yesterday, as Team Alpine Guides notched up a second win in the Open5 Adventure Races at round 2 in the Peak District.  A bit of a surprise this one – as my chain snapped after an hour on the bike, which resulted in lots of time lost doing repairs as the bike dropped from 36 to 3 gears, then 1 gear and finally none – followed by miles of running, freewheeling and towing to get home!

The run stage went better, but we were both pretty done in from the bike running/towing shenanigans and had to push really hard in the closing stages, to win the male pairs category by just 10 seconds.  I cut the chain off with a bolt cutter this morning, so now working out what the repair bill’s gonna be…  Hopefully a few action shots from the race to follow.