The OMM 2008….

Hmmm – I think I’ve finally dried all the kit out!  Yeah, it was a bit of an odd one this year: I’d not actually entered - as it had been so hectic since I got home from the Alps that I really wasn’t running that well.  But as tends to happen, the phone started ringing – with a mixed team being on, then off again and finally Steve Pyke rang up Thursday night. 

Now, when a man who holds the world record for running from Everest Base Camp to Kathmandhu rings up and asks if you want to go out running – it’s probably a good idea to put the phone down, but somehow I didn’t and ended up in Borrowdale on Friday night.

I was surprised they let us start given the forecast – but off we went and it proved to be a very fast race due to the shortened courses.  The weather was every bit as bad as expected, but we finished day one in 4 1/2 hrs only to find they’d cancelled it.  Most of what was reported by the media thereafter was completely in the realms of fiction and based on no understanding of the event – but the main problem for the future is likely to be more difficulties getting landowner permissions and a vast increase in entry applications for next year!

As to whether it should have gone ahead – when I got the detailed Friday afternoon mountain forecast before leaving, I texted this to Spyke who was travelling up the M6:

‘Sat 4cast 1-2 inches rain, winds 60-80 gusting 90-110mph! If I was responsible 4 safety of 2500 people 2mora, reckon I’d be pulling the plug based on that..

In other words, if anyone got injured high on the hill it wouldn’t be possible to keep them - or anyone with them - warm and sheltered enough with the kit that competitors were going to be carrying.  Having been out in it, there was definitely no way you’d have got a tent up above 500m & there were definitely hundreds of people starting to get hypothermia, all of whom duly managed to get themselves safely off the hill – ie time for a bit of reflection I think…