Alpine Climbing Conditions – 15/07/08

OK – in summary, it’s been damn snowy the last few days – so lots of putting trails back in on classic ridges. ie Cosmiques Arete on Sun in ‘Scottish’ conds + just got down off S ridge of the Tour Ronde today, which is in great nick – though I wouldn’t go up the couloir to Col Freshfield just now – safer (and much more fun!) to stick to the ridge all the way. The N Face looks stellar too. 

Teams went up the Geant/ Rochefort Arete direction today too. Frendo was mobbed last week, Mallory Porter got done too (but not so good). Whymper Couloir + Moine Ridge on the Verte have also been seeing ascents recently.

Everything was plastered today after the recent dump, so its difficult to tell anything re conds on the bigger faces – ie it needs a couple of days of sun to clear all the fresh snow off and see what’s really there..

Over in Switzerland all the standard classic Swiss 4000m peaks – Weissmies, Laginhorn, Allalinhorn, Breithorn etc are now seeing plenty of traffic, but the Matterhorn is still very icy higher up and not really in condition (and that was before all the snow fell). Postscript – just checked out the situation re the Matterhorn – it’s now really buried in snow!

Sim Spencer on the SE Ridge of the Tour Ronde today.