Alpine Climbing Conditions – 30/06/08

Just enjoying some fine views of the Gd Jorrasses from outside the Couvercle hut – so time for a quick roundup of conditions on the Mt Blanc range. It’s been a very snowy spring, so good cover on the glaciers and a lot of snow on ridges and faces, with ice around too – but its curently very hot so things are changing fast…

On the ice front, clasics like the Chere Couloir + N Face of the Tour Ronde have been climbed by our teams recently, though colder conds are needed again for these to be a goer (forecast is colder for the next few days, after storms on thur).

The approach to the Dent du Geant and Rochefort arete is v snowy + in good cond at the moment too, though an early start is needed. Ive been up the Moine today + South faces like the Courtes traverse look very avalanche prone just now.

Of the bigger N Faces: the Jorrasses is pretty snowy for Walker type activity, shroud is incomplete, but Petit Macintyre looks complete. Sans Nom NW Facelooks very icy + could be well worth close inspection. Droites also plastered, but not seen bottom half since hot weather last week. More soon + pics as soon as I can.

Traversing the Aiguille D’Entreves last week

N Face of the Gd Jorrasses – 01/07/08

Exposed ridge climbing on La Nonne.