Scottish Sea Stacks Week

Rich has been up in the north of Scotland this week, rock climbing on Skye and making an ascent of the Old Man of Stoer, before heading up to the Orkneys to climb Britians tallest Sea Stack – The Old Man of Hoy yesterday.  The weather has been excellent throughout & I’ll get a few more pics up as soon as he’s back.

The Old Man of Stoer in NW Scotland (Yes, someone has to swim..)

Here we go – a few more pics….

Arrow Route – Cioch Slabs, Skye

Duncan Smith climbing at Diabaig, Torridon

Tyrolean Traverse – Old Man of Stoer

Al McColl, Sim Spencer & Rich below The Old Man of Hoy

Sim Spencer on the crux 2nd pitch of the Old Man of Hoy