Intro Ski Mountaineering Course 2008

Just a quick report from Chamonix, where we’ve finished our intro ski touring course as the mother of all dumps is hitting the western alps.  A good enjoyable weeks skiing, including some great powder off the Aiguille du Midi and a 2 day tour around the Wildstrubel area in the Western Oberland across in Switzerland.

Great powder coming off the Col D’Entreves on Tuesday.

Reaching the summit of the Schneehorn on Thursday.

As for current ski conditions, nearly a metre of fresh snow has now fallen at the top end of the Chamonix valley, with strong winds high up – and the outlook is to stay cold and unsettled with further snow expected.  Currently the Col de Montets is closed, it’s category 4 on the avalanche front and I’m having to skin up and ski down from our accomodation because the road is shut!

It’s a similar story all across the southern and western alps, so I’ve been over to Italy today in order to get some better weather – if you are planning to go touring in the next week, then my advice would be to head to the Gran Paradiso region where there is a lot less snow and things may still be possible.