Ski Mountaineering World Champs 2008 – final score

OK – so the final two races (Vertical Race and Long Distance) went off well on Thur/Fri with some good results, meaning we stayed ahead of the USA and finished 13th overall in the National Rankings – ie not bad at all. 

In the vertical race, Ben came 36th and Jon Bracey finished 32nd in the Long Distance – this last race in particular turned out to be a gruelling affair, held in full ‘scottish’ conditions ie rain at the bottom, blizzard at the top, skiing 7 times up and down between the two – luckily I was ill in bed, so missed it!  Florent Perrier lost his skins 3 times on the final ascent, so missed out on a clean sweep in by finishing 2nd to Guido Giacomelli of Italy in this last race.

Team race on Tuesday – Dents du Midi behind

Scary Sight – Florent Perrier (FRA) winning the Vertical Race