L’Ubayenne 2008

I was down in the southern French alps at Super Sauze yesterday, for the annual Ubayenne race.  There are courses for team and individual racers, with starts 15mins apart - so I arrived in good time and took a few photos of the team start before heading back to the car in order to strip down and warm up ready for the individual start. 

Arriving back at the assembly area there appeared to be a suspicious lack of racers and the start line was already being dismantled… it turned out I’d missed the slightly important announcement that both starts had been amalgamated into one! – ie a first class piece of muppetry from Mr Powell..

Having set off 10 mins late, things went rather better after that and I was very surprised to get kit checked at the finish – as somehow I’d managed to pull through the field up into 5th place by the line, so a pretty good result all things considered.  The race itself is over a good course, with various ridge sections on foot and an exposed arete with fixed ropes on the team race.  Adding in a good dose of spindrift and plenty of tree skiing mayhem on the final descent, made for great day out in a lovely corner of the alps.

 The Start – minus Al..

 Ragging it down through the forest on the final descent.