Avalanche Transceivers IMPORTANT – Ortovox F1 Plus Declared Obsolete

I’ve just been sent the following Pistehors news link by a friend about the Ortovox F1 Plus Avalanche Transceiver:


To quote the summary “Ortovox have recently advised users of the ORTOVOX F1 Plus, manufactured in the early 1990s, that their beacon is obsolete and cannot be serviced and maybe outside the EN 300 718 specifications leading to compatibility problems especially with the new advanced digital transceivers.”

This echos the advice we’ve been giving out for a while about old F1 units, so it’s good to see Ortovox have finally made a statement about them.  Please note that there are still a large number of older Ortovox F1’s around in shops and hire outlets,  so we advise you to check what transceiver you will be getting before hiring.

If you still own an old F1, then it’s now officially time to retire it.

Although a newer version of the F1, the F1 Focus is still available for sale as a cheap, basic analogue transceiver – we still don’t advise people to buy it, as there are reported compatibility issues with modern digital transceivers in certain adverse circumstances.  This is quite apart from the fact that  the more modern designs are far better and easier to use. 

With all of this in mind, from now on it is our official policy that if you turn up on one of our ski weeks with an F1 avalanche transceiver, we will insist you hire one of our modern Baryvox transceivers, for your own safety and that of the rest of the group.  Thanks for your understanding on this one – as you probably know by now, we do take safety issues very seriously.