La Grave Ice Conditions – 30/01/08

It’s been settled and sunny for the last 10 days or so out here, where we’ve been in La Grave Ice Climbing, so most south facing routes are now out of condition.  On the other hand, higher and north facing venues have been excellent so that’s where we’ve been climbing by and large, with various visits to Ceillac and the Vallon du Diable in particular – (see pics below).
The weather is now changing though, with a return to snow and much colder conditions arriving over the next few days. Given the amounts of fresh snow due, avalanche risk is going to be a big consideration when choosing routes – so if in doubt, stick to places like Le Pylon or Ceillac and definitely steer clear of the Vallon du Diable next week!

Formes du Chaos III,4 – Ceillac – 27/01/08

 Formes du Chaos – climbing the final pitch

 Michael Lockyer on Autisme II,4 – Vallon du Diable – today