Visit to DMM

We had a very interesting day up at DMM yesterday – giving input into various new product designs and developments, picking up new kit for the coming season and taking in a full tour of the factory. 

There’s a lot going on down there at the moment, with some great new kit coming into the shops (new DMM helmets, a lovely little belay device called the V Twin, lockgate Roller crabs etc etc – take a look at the DMM Website for more info) and some major investments – they’re taking the roof off the factory next Wednesday to install a huge new forging press for instance. 

The commitment to quality control down there never ceases to amaze: ovens heating batches of metal red hot to an accuracy of a single degree, a batch code system allowing them to trace every single crab ever made there (ie for 27 years) right back to the original piece of metal it was first made from (it’s not by accident that DMM still make all of Wild Country’s friends and various top end crabs for Petzl and Mammut too!)

Total commitment to UK manufacturing and supporting the local community (DMM are the biggest employer in Llanberis) is a key part of it all - the benefits of keeping such a skilled, stable workforce is obvious to see in terms of what comes out of the factory door.

We’ve worked closely with DMM for a while now (See DMM News) on a range of product developments (like the new Rebel + Anarchist axes for instance), so keep your eyes peeled coz there’s plenty of exciting new stuff in the R&D pipeline…