Grand Finale on the Grand Jorrasses

Well what a finish to the season – with 4 Alpine Guides teams climbing the North Face of the Gd Jorrasses in a week!  Jon Bracey led the way, with his impressive ascent of the Bonnatti-Vaucher (ED3) with Neil Brodie, followed by Rich guiding Dave Horwood on the Petit MacIntyre (TD). 

Rich then returned to make his 2nd ascent of the face in 4 days, this time with Owen and Dave Hollinger – climbing the uber classic Colton-MacIntyre (ED3) in a day (followed by a very cold bivi sans sleeping bags on the summit) – only to be chased by Jonny Baird & Jon Bracey again, who made an even quicker ascent of the Colton-MacIntyre the following day, reaching the Boccolate Hut (ie food and warm blankets!) and thus avoiding the bivi.

Yesterday, Bracey announced he was psyching himself up for a third lap of the face – so we’ll let you know what happens…

The North Face of the Grand Jorrasses: 1 Petit MacIntyre 600m TD, 2 Colton-MacIntyre 1200m ED3, 3 Bonnatti-Vaucher 1200m ED3