Xtreme Everest

Ignore all mention of the above (ie ‘high altitude hillwalking’ just doesn’t sound quite as sexy!) and these two are well worth a listen if you’ve got Realplayer installed on your computer:  http://www.bbc.co.uk//radio4/science/xtremeeverest.shtml 

This years Cauldwell Everest Expedition was one of the few ‘medical’ expeditions to Everest to genuinely have important, long term scientific goals (rather than that of a cheap trip to the summit for participants, with a bit of ‘research’ tagged on along the way - which is usually the case).

The idea is that by studying peoples varying responses to low oxygen levels in the body due to altitude, the research team will be able to better understand the genetic and physiological mechanisms involved - in order to improve treatment of patients in intensive care wards, who also suffer from very low oxygen levels.