Ski Touring Bindings – flexibility tests

An interesting one this (for obsessive ski techies anyway!) – a study comparing the flex of different touring bindings: ie. the rigidity of the binding as the boot angles the ski whilst turning, or trying to hold an edge on harder snow.

The results definitely concur with my own ‘how it feels on the hill’ observations about touring bindings – namely that Dynafits definitely feel more precise & allow you to lever more performance out of a ski than other touring bindings.  Naxos also come out as nearly twice as flexible as Fritschi’s – but the new Marker Duke (coming out this season) comes out top - we’re waiting to ski these with some interest…

2 thoughts on “Ski Touring Bindings – flexibility tests

  1. Found these “trade offs” on the Marker Dukes at

    You must release your boot out of the binding to switch to and from touring and skiing modes
    Access to the climbing bar doesn’t look possible with the simple flick of your poles
    The overall weight of the Duke will limit its use to sidecountry and short trips

    From the review it sounds like the binding is for doing short climbs from ski resorts and not for serious randonee.

  2. Hi Seb – thanks for some very useful beta here. Definitely need to get my hands on a pair as early as possible this autumn to check the functioning out, even if it’s not on the snow.

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