Papillons Arete + Eperon des Cosmiques

The weather forecast has completely changed overnight or been wrong every day so far this week – so it’s been a case of changing plans and repacking sacs every morning…  Not a problem though, as we had a good day on the ultra classic Papillons Arete yesterday and climbed the Rebuffat route on the Cosmiques shoulder today, finishing up the Cosmiques Arete – both outings were excellent.

On a safety note – there is still a lot of unstable snow around with windslab high up and frequent wet slides on any steep sunny aspects, so a lot of care is required at the moment in day to day planning and choice of routes. 

The thunderstorms finally arrived this afternoon and it’s now bucketing down outside (managed to sneak a 2hr run in after work though, without getting wet!).  Due to start clearing out tomorrow afternoon with the arrival of cooler weather for a few days. If it turns out as forecast(!), we’re heading up to the Torino Hut to look for some more ice – will let you know how we got on in due course.