In the last week of May Rich, along with a team of fellow Sheffield climbers (plus one American…), went to the remote Hebridean island of Pabbay in search of steep rock, sunshine and sheep ticks. They found everything they were looking for!

Pabbay is an amazing place, only a few miles long but with a series of stunning cliffs set amongst the rugged coastline. More of an expedition than a rock trip, the long drive to Oban leads to a 5 hour ferry journey, before the rough ride in a local fishing boat leads to the final destination. We waved our captain off ‘hopefully see you in a week then’, and we were suddenly alone on our desert island.

An amazing 6 days of sunshine followed, with ascents of many island classics including the magnificent ‘Prophesy of Drowning’, surely amongst the best E2’s in the UK. Highlights included Nick Sellars and Tom Briggs’ new 3 star E6 on the right hand side of the Great Arch (of Dave Cuthbertson/Lynn Hill fame), Rich and Tuftys battle with the Ancient Mariner (E4/E5) on the Pink Walls, and showing off our national treasures to Jeff (the visiting Yank).  An essential experience for sea cliff lovers – we vowed to return…

Endolphin, E4


Prophecy Of Drowning, E2

Sugar Cane Country, E4/5