Torre Cerredo & Naranjo de Bulnes

Up early hitting the trail at 4am this morning for a spot of ultralight ‘run-alpinism’ – ie trying to run from Poncebos (alt 200m) in the depths of the Cares Gorge, up to the summit of Torre Cerredo at 2600m (the highest peak in the range) and back before starting a family day out…

All went well at first, passing the Lueje hut at 2000m just after dawn and 2.5hrs, but there are still extensive winter snowfields around high up and a lot of fresh snow too, so I ended up being forced out onto some pretty steep exposed terrain on the east face of  Torre Labrouche rather than following the normal line.  This lead eventually to the fore summit, Risco Saint Saud where I decided to call it a day due to all the fresh snow – fell running shoes aren’t quite so good as crampons on verglassed rock!

Completed the round by traversing across to the Naranjo de Bulnes and a long 2400m descent (ouch!) down past Bulnes to the start point after 7hrs running and climbing.

NB – A bit a advance notice, we are actually organising a ‘Naranjo de Bulnes‘ special week in September 2008 – so if you are interested, then save a weeks holiday and give us a shout!

Early start – moonlight over Arenas from the apartment.

Pico Los Cabrones from Risco Saint Saud summit.

Traversing snowfields above Vega Urriellu.

West Face of the Naranja de Bulnes.