The Wharfedale Round

Up early this morning & out running just after 6am for a great round of the moors above Lower Wharfedale – quite windy and wet up over Round Hill and Beamsley Beacon, then calmer weather and even a little sunshine down into the vale at Addingham and up onto Rombalds Moor and the 12 Apostles stone circle.  Here I met the only other 2 folk I saw up on the open ground – 2 other fell runners for a change…

A lot of will power required to climb up over the Chevin after 28 miles (rather than simply run round it!) but no such outing would be complete without taking in this last classic summit above home.

 Rainbow over Beamlsey Beacon.

On the Chevin, contemplating a 4 hour run in versus a 4 hour lie in….

 The last mile down into Otley.