Coniston Fell Race ’07

The first race on the fells after finishing the ski touring season is always a step into the unknown as far as speed and running fitness are concerned – but Coniston seemed as good a step as any, combining well with a family camping trip to the lakes.

Having come back from Switzerland last week at a scrawny 71 kilos, at least the climbs were going to be fairly easy – it was just the flats and downhills I wasn’t so sure about.  Jonny Morgan was also toeing the line, with his new found talent for fell racing going from strength to strength since joining Dark Peak a few months ago.

As we headed up the first climb onto Wetherlam, Jonny dissappeared into the mist not far behind the leading bunch – leaving me to battle it out with Mick Robinson, another climber + fell runner from Sheffield.  By the final descent we’d tucked in behind a Lakeland local to get the best line, before legging it down to the finish field as best we could.

Here we were somewhat surprised to see no sign of Jonny, who’d generously decided to take himself and 3 other runners on a ‘scenic detour’ in the mist, opening the way for me and Mick to come in 4th and 6th respectively!

Ian Holmes won for the nth time, with Lloyd Taggart 2nd and Ben Bardsley 3rd.  Jonny arrived not long after, cheerful as ever - persuading us we all needed to sit in a freezing cold river for 10 mins after the race to aid recovery – needless to say I managed about 30 seconds before sacking that idea off + heading for the bar….

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  1. 71 kg, I did not think you ever went that low, that’s seriour running weight that. Good result looking at the three in front..

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