Pierra Menta 2007

For the uninitiated, this is the annual Big Daddy of ski mountaineering races – involving 10000m of climb over lots of very technical terrain during 4 days of competition in the Beaufortain region of the French Alps, just north of Albertville.

Racing with Jon Bracey this year, this was my second Pierra Menta – but for Jon it was his first ever proper ski mountaineering race, so a bold step into the unknown awaited on the first morning at dawn in the village of Areches…

We didn’t worry too much though - as Jon had been training very hard with all the right kit, so we were both well prepared.  With perfect conditions throughout, the race went very smoothly for us over the whole 4 days & we finished in the top 1/3 in 59th position.

A great result all round, as the Pierra Menta is considerably harder and certainly much more competitive in the middle of the field than the world championships (ie you’ve got all the best teams in the Alpine nations to beat, rather than just the rest of the world!)Š