TSF Millet ’07

This 2 day race has one of the most technical courses on the calendar, so we were looking forward to plenty of running around in crampons and steep descents – but unfortunately bad weather intervened, so the race was run on a modified course due to the avalanche risk.

Day 1 started with a 1000m climb, followed by 4 more descents and climbs totaling 2100m in all.  All went well on the first lap, despite some desperate skiing on the main descent (blizzard + heavy snow + blind bends & lots of rocks = mayhem), but major skin problems on the final climb cost us 5 mins and valuable places, coming in in 2hr 30mins.
By day 2 the organisers were announcing plan D at the start line, as it continued to snow heavily and the course went up then around in a circle 3 times, before finishing at a cow shed at the top of the course!  The pic above shows Al (right, in blue) enjoying the ambiance and fine views… Despite a brand new pair of skins for day 2, our problems continued as Carron came totally unstuck numerous times, eventually finishing without any skins at all – a combination of me walking on his tails, till enough snow balled on the skis to continue unaided finally got us to the line!

Despite all that, we managed a top 1/3rd finish – so now time to ditch the Colltex and crack open the BD Gold Label skin glue before the next outing…