Alpiniski ’07 – Marecottes

This was the first Swiss Cup Team Race of the season, so a good field and great course.  Plenty of steep climbs and descents, with nice snow and clear weather too.  1760m of ascent, split into 4 ups and downs with plenty of sections on foot too.

I’d fed well and rested up the day before, but Ivor had been out skiing all day at work unfortunately & wasn’t quite so fresh as usual – so we took it steady today and enjoyed the views, coming in 36th in the Senior Men. 

The descents down to the Lac de Salanfe, looking across to the Dents de Midi were particularly memorable, as I’d been for a long run up this way last summer, so it was great to enjoy the area again in a different season.

The big couloir we’d climbed on foot at the start (see top photo above), also gave a great ski on the way back down again, starting with a steep drop in on a fixed rope.  After that it was just one short climb to the final whoop down to the finish.