Autumn Roundup ’06

It’s been a busy autumn here but it’s nearly time to jump on the ferry and head south for the winter. The Alps are calling and soon Al will be waist deep in powder (he hopes!) and Rich will be strapped to the side of a large, steep lump of ice. Its generally called fun, but we call it work!

So what’s been going on here at Alpine Guides? Well Al’s ambition of winning the Elite class OMM (formerly KIMM) mountain marathon was realised when he and his brother Ifor took the title this autumn in Galloway. A gruelling 2 days with grim weather meant they could play to their strengths and win by a BIG margin – sounds like a good time to retire (but probably not..) Rich in the meantime has been over in the Alps doing a bit of Autumn Alpinism, just for fun, with a rare ascent of the NW Spur of the Midi, a great 1200m ridge with some excellent Scottish style mixed action. Fil a Plomb on the West face of the Rognon du Plan was also fun, with bomber neve and water ice runnels – a fine holiday! Just recently Rich’s first Scottish winter trip of the season was rewarded by great conditions and the tricky mixed route War and Peace VII, 8 in the Cairngorms – not bad for a warm up.